A collection of some of my published writing.

Research Europe—

Bulgarian science minister, Krasimir Valchev, on what to expect from the country's presidency.

Democratising Space

Promoting diplomacy through science

[Exclusive] UK could lose access to EU innovation funding, leaked document suggests.


Russian artists on culture, identity and censorship


Competing In The Alternate World Cup Is A Dream Come True For Tibet


The next frontier in Cuba: American press shaking up nation’s decades-long battle with free expression

Even Donald Trump’s climate-change skeptic energy adviser believes there should be a carbon tax

The Twitter candidate: Donald Trump’s mastery of social media is his real ground game

Hiding the truth about Flint water crisis: Many emails from officials staying sealed

Amazon wades into the food and baby market with its own brand of products

It’s not just a Flint problem: Other U.S. cities are suffering from toxic water

Zoltan Istvan, a Transhumanist running for president, wants to make you immortal

Cafe Babel—

The women of Ribnovo - the last of the Pomaks


Murder in the Ivy League

Healthcare Analytics News—

AI Is Analyzing Faces to Aid Rare Disease Diagnosis

An Edible QR Code Might Advance Precision Medicine

Reuters —

Bulgarian capital shows Roman past

CEZ launches 5MW solar park in Bulgaria

Analysis: Central Europe walks austerity tightrope

The bomber's uniform of Bermuda shorts and blue cap

The Forward —

Bulletproof Stockings, World's First All-Female Hasidic Rock Band, Gets Debut Album

George Washington Student Threatens Suit Over Palestinian Flag

China's Jews Celebrate Hanukkah — and Their Rich History in Kaifeng

One of San Bernardino Shooting Victims Was Messianic Jew

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